Welcome to Priest Creek Farms

About Us

Priest Creek Farms legacy began in the small community of Poltimore, Quebec. A 3rd generation Donovan family operated beef farm, the farm has grown over the years and is now striving to produce beef "Naturally".

We started out with one basic goal, to raise superior quality cattle and produce beef products to those who wanted great tasting meat.

The food service products are custom produced and hand selected to meet the specialized needs of our customers, while upholding the exact standards of quality our name has come to represent.

"Priest Creek Farms difference . . . NATURALLY!"

All Natural

The Top Standard in Beef

Here we raise Charolais and Black Angus cattle, the gold standard for premium beef. Black Angus beef is renowned for its taste and we at Priest Creek Farms supply premium cattle from our herd to complete orders for our customers.
We control every aspect of beef production from cattle procurement, to feeding (there are no commercial fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals used), processing to distribution.
Our cattle spend the majority of their lives grazing(grass fed) on pasture or feeding on a specially made diet formulated to adhere to strict Priest Creek Farms specification.

  1. Never use synthetic or chemical parasiticides
  2. Never use antibiotics
  3. Never use added hormones
  4. 100% vegetarian food to our cattle
  5. Never use growth promotants

"We want our cattle to grow drug and steroid free . . . NATURALLY!"

A Variety

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Delicious Products

Try it, we are confident you will enjoy our beef and come back for more of the healthiest most delicious beef you will ever try. Our Charolais and Black Angus beef is the most tender, juiciest and flavourful meat money can buy, you´ll agree it delivers superb flavour with every amazing bite.

Some of our finest clients include Les Fougères Restaurant in Chelsea, Qc., Juniper Farms in Wakefield, Qc., Furley in Hudson, Qc., and Boucherie Lawrence in Montreal, Qc. Just to name a few. Orders can be taken by phone or email. We offer whole, half, quarter or individual cuts according to our price list.  We welcome farm visits and are proud to show how our animals are raised in a natural environment. 

"This beef is not only great, but great for you!"